Q. If my neighbor and I both install the FireAll™ in our homes will they interconnect?
A. The FireAll™ will interconnect all FireAlls in a building that share a common service line with a multiple meter pan such as townhouses. As far as the signal traveling to the street and back to your neighbors FireAll™ our field tests have not shown that to work. However it is mathematically possible.
Q. Does the FireAll™ system have battery backup?
A. No. Even though hardwire smoke alarms are designed to interconnect when power fails the opinion of NYS and most local codes is "when on battery mode there is not enough juice to power the whole circuit, therefore they will only work individually". FireAll™ will do the same.
Q. Does the FireAll™ system work with all alarms?
A. Yes it will work with any device that signals. However it has been UL® tested and listed with the models and manufacturers on the box bottom.
Q. Do other devices that use PLC Technology like new smart meters or X-10 controls create false alarms?
A. No. FireAll™ uses a narrow band 455Khz with a total bandwidth of about 1-2% All others are out of band and will not pass thru the crystal filter.
Q. When the 7 year life of my smoke alarm is up, do I have to replace the FireAll™?
A. No. FireAll™ lasts forever, only the inexpensive smoke alarm attached needs to be replaced.